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I've moved blog to anillusionaryreality.wordpress.com 

To all those who have shown me love,      

Each person we love in any way possible in life, opens within us a new world of possibilities, gives us a new angle.


To be a butterfly, you must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. 

The small things in life, the random strands of conversations, the spontaneous decisions, the willingness to take a blind step forward, the courage to do what your heart tells you to, the stubborn unwillingness to become cynical, expressing without restraint, being and doing good because its the right thing to do, being happy just because, and accepting while adapting. They restore my confidence in the beauty inherent in life. 

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I remember sunny sunday afternoons sitting in my room in my old house, playing with my dolls and pasting stickers in bright big sticker albums.
I remember feeling absolute joy when I got to go to the library alone, or when I bought new colour pencils.
I remember how easy it was to just sit on the couch and watch cartoons for hours on end.
I remember how I would read into the night as a little girl, till I fell asleep and my dad would remove the big book from my hands and put a blanket over me.
I remember how I crossed the long roads and playground and field just to get home and how I would hum a song as I walked.
I remember feeling absolutely delighted when I saw my mum waiting for me at the gate of my school with my baby sister in the pram.
I remember how finding embedded marbles in the soil near the playground was like finding treasure.
I remember how content I was sharing my lunch with my best friends.
I remember how waving goodbye when the schoolbus drove me away from my mum made me tear up just a little bit, but I never did show it.
I remember how happy I would get when I scored well in a spelling test, how I would genuinely believe that my stuffed toys had feelings.
I remember the magic of the stories I read, and the mess that my amateur painting made.

I remember.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could be a little girl again.



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Sitting in class now, analysing profiles of strangers and coming up with perspectives on their natures and lives.
COM204, Basic Media Writing.
Its my prof's way of introducing analysis and writing by making us have a peek in a few random profiles (without showing us pictures or names) and then forcing us to to evaluate or come up with first impressions. We later discuss our different perspectives.

1. Different people see different things differently. Very differently.
2. People judge. Very fast.
3. Facebook is not as simplistic as I made it out to be.

Its just a short "warm up" exercise on social research and perception, but its interesting as hell.

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 Its 4:47 a.m. in the morning, I am tired as hell after a 6 hour debate training session, my head is fuzzy and yet here I am staring at my pretty little Mac screen and wondering why the hell I'm not fast asleep like my roomate.

Oh wait, I know. Because I have morphed into somebody with the most screwed up sleep system ever.
The past week, I have been sleeping after 5 almost every other day.

January was the most dramatic month ever.
New Years.
Outing with MARS.
Social Dynamics.
Catching up with old friends.
Grandma's visit.
Going to Dubai.
Very dramatic sleepovers.

And other stuff, which kind of make your head jumbled up.
Which isn't good because when you have 1083478723 million things to care about, thinking about stuff is not good.

I have hope yet!


Meh. What an anticlimax.

Off to home tomorrow for the CNY break. Gosh, do I need to be back home for a change.
Gosh, do I need some space.

Breathing, mental, emotional, SPACE.
I've been behaving very uncharacteristically like myself lately.

Being open about stuff for example.
Being very mellow in some issues, and very aggressive in others.

And forgetting to eat and sleep regularly.
Okay, time to get back to the old ways, Sneha you kid.

Just be happy.
Such a simple philosophy in life.

Debates at last made my sense of disorientation the past week disappear.
I really love debating. Its the one thing I do, with all my soul.

Its almost 5 now. Why does time fly in this cutesy little island of mine? 

I should go sleep.

Tomorrow's a whole new day.
I refuse to believe it is already tomorrow till I wake up.

I am rambling now.
A hundred more meaningful things to update this space about, but that can wait.

GoodNIGHT world.

Here's to peace, and love, and sincerity and strength.
It's all we can ever hope for. :)

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Trust. Truth. Courage.

Thank you.
For everything.

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I'm off to Dubai!!
New places, tasting new foods, meeting new people.
Long conversations, exotic experiences, emotional ups and downs.

Middle East 2011.



I've always been fascinated with Dubai. Maybe it was the influx of emails about Dubai and how cool/rich/awesome it is, or the fact that Mom's best friend lives there, or maybe when my cousin went there and he came back and told me all the stories about it.

The culture of the middle east people, the deserts, the food, the arabian horses, the rich and famous in dubai, the sparkly gold, the traditional souks (markets), the culture! 

I'm really looking forward to this! 

Really looking forward to the fact that I'll see Mridz tomorrow :) And travel with Madzie Wadzie Woo :D 

Tomorrow morning, I shall take the Emirates flight and fly off!

*excited squeal*


 "You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this."
-Henry David Thoreau

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